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Jan 2017

genie22 in londonbreakfast

Bengali Breakfast; Feast and Mishti Whitechapel

What do Royal London Hospital Workers do for breakfast post-nights?

a) Go to the canteen, where you will be greeted by sullen staff and dessicated fry-up components sold at overpriced rates?
b) Attend one of the many reasonably-priced, made-to order establishments that populate the area? Bonus points if the breakfast comes from where the owner originates from.

I took option B and ended up in Feast and Mishti. Flagrant advertising of NHS discounts may well have influenced me. I ended up choosing a Bengali Breakfast. This consisted of a moist paratha (flaky flatbread), aloo chaat (matchstick potatoes stir-fried with onions and mild spices), a spicy omlette (one egg, has onion, green chilli and garam masala) and a cup of very sweet strong tea. Three pounds eighty this cost me, I'd rate it seven out of ten and believe me, I'll be back again. The potato dish is on rotation with various dhals and other vegetable dishes so I am keen to see what's on offer.

Apologies for the lack of pictures; lighting was poor so I didn't stand a chance of taking a decent one.

Hope to see you there sometime: Feast and Mishti, 254-257 Whitechapel Road, London E1.


Sounds delish.