65daysofgary (65daysofgary) wrote in londonbreakfast,

Crossways Cafe, Nunhead

93 Evelina Road, SE15 3HL

Two years later I have discovered this blog and decided to add my update of the first cafe reviewed (which happens to also be my local).

Very traditional greasy spoon still, the staff were very amiable. Still buttered untoasted white bread, I don't eat dairy so I had to hand that on to my friend, would have been much better had it been toast though. Mushrooms were very nice, only one hash brown but I'm a hash brown enthusiast so I'll never be satisfied in that respect. Baked beans, fried egg (I didn't have egg) and the two sausages were quite nice. Somewhat spicy and very soft, not quite fry-up quality but fairly nice nonetheless. Coffee wasn't included and it tasted like cigarettes but I wasn't expecting much more. All in all a pleasant experience, now to go sample the other delights detailed on this blog!
Tags: nunhead, se15
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