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hoshuteki in londonbreakfast

Glow Lounge, Clapham South

I'm dredging this review up from memory, back in the days when miss_newham was in that part of town and we needed somewhere to eat breakfast. Well, it so happens there's a lovely cafe on the south side of Clapham Common called the Glow Lounge, which looks like nothing special. It's got its own little patio area these days, and the furniture is going for a sort of retro 70s chic.

However, the food is excellent and the service is perfectly friendly. It's run by a bunch of Australians, and they have Antipodean foodstuffs on sale as well. (Plus, it looks like it's a front for a technology company, though this also means they do internet access terminals out the back.)

While there I had the eggs florentine several times, although they had an odd option of having the poached eggs perched atop not spinach, but a pile of roast vegetables. Actually, this worked quite well and I always enjoy a good eggs florentine.

Not so greasy, this place, I should say. The vegetarian English breakfast was nothing spectacular as I remember it (the price didn't justify what you got), not a patch on a good greasy spoon, but the eggs are fantastic. And the coffee's good, too, proper coffee for when instant isn't enough.

I don't mean to come across all aspirational, but sometimes I read the Guardian, as well. What's Islington like for breakfast?

Address: 6 Cavendish Parade, SW4 9DW. (Cross the road from Clapham South and turn left along the south side of the Common.)


Embarrassingly, I lived right next door to a greasy spoon at the time... But I am middle class and the Glow Lounge coffee was fantastic.
Oh man, you've made me hungry for EGGS!