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Bar Story, Peckham

Bar Story Breakfast

Bar Story is a very pleasant relaxed bar of a Sunday afternoon. The sound system is putting out squelchy techno beats, but nothing too taxing, and the kitchen is plainly in view, the same room, you can see the chef cooking the breakfast from scratch. As such, it takes a little longer to come out than a greasy spoon, but at £5 it remains very good value.

For a start, this isn't a canonical English breakfast. Despite being billed a "fry-up", the frying and grease is very low in general. Scrambled eggs are done extremely well, so I can't even really complain that it's not a fried egg. The bubble and squeak is tasty and has barely touched the frying pan. The mushrooms are among the best I've had, cooked perfectly with garlic. There's no sausage, but some sturdy white toast and butter. Baked beans, of course, as well, and real tomatoes (also excellent).

Despite not being standard fare, it's still an excellent breakfast, and especially on a lazy Sunday (open from 11am). Plus, it being a bar, you can get a beer if you feel like it. Highly recommended.

Address: 213 Blenheim Grove (just under the platforms at Peckham Rye station), SE15 4QL.
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