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hoshuteki in londonbreakfast

Tapped and Packed (No. 114), Fitzrovia, W1

Tapped and Packed are not a flashy coffee shop chain. So far, there's two of them (both in Fitzrovia) and the only lettering they have on the outside is the number of the address. In this case "No. 114". Design is clean and attractive (in fact their website has a page of photos dedicated to their interior design), with small wooden tables and low hanging lights over each, and there are plenty of daily papers around the place to read. It's not really designed for taking up time, spreading out, that kind of thing, which is fine, as it's not huge and I had to loiter a little to grab a seat.

Tapped and Packed No. 114, Fitzrovia, W1

Now I probably said I wasn't going to blog coffee and croissant breakfasts, and maybe this sandwich isn't much different (I certainly don't want to start 'reviewing' my local Prets and EAT.s), but it's distinguished by virtue of not being a multinational chain (is "multinational" even a word that's used anymore, maybe "global" or "globalised" is the preferred term). Also, it's excellent quality. That chunky poppyseed bread, with high quality ingredients, that's a good sandwich right there. And the cappuccino has been artfully frothed, with a little fern in it, and that takes some practice. Both the food and most especially the coffee, I can heartily recommend. Just don't look for cooked breakfasts.

Address: Tapped and Packed, 114 Tottenham Court Road, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 5AQ.
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