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hoshuteki in londonbreakfast

Masters Sandwich Bar, Fitzrovia, W1

So, new year (happy one, etc) new breakfasts. Or, well, a return to Fitzrovia, because I still have a few places to get to before I'm done with it. For my first breakfast (and post) of this year, you get one that I've not exactly been inspired to write excessively about, but hey it was okay.

Masters Sandwich Bar, Fitzrovia, London

First of all, there wasn't a great choice on the breakfast menu, mostly of the takeaway variety, but they had one cooked breakfast listed so I went for that. It's not really "full" English, because there's no potato product (or tomato, though I will always forgive a tomato for not being there), but it was pretty decent. The baked beans were a bit disappointing (perhaps I am too addicted to Heinz), but the bread for mopping them up was excellent, and the bacon and sausage were perfectly fine. Egg had a runny centre that the toast helped with and all in all I was pleased. Came to £5 including a tea or coffee.

Address: Masters Sandwich Bar, 53 Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 7LG.
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I don't agree that a potato product is necessary for the canonical full English. The possible potato-based options are chips, which are NOT a breakfast food and have no business being part of a full English, or hash browns, which are an American import, or bubble & squeak, but bubble & squeak is traditionally prepared from the leftovers of a roast, so historically you could only expect to have it early in the week until the supply of Sunday leftovers was exhausted.

Also, the presence of a grilled tomato isn't necessary if you already have baked beans. The lack of both beans and a tomato certainly disqualifies a breakfast from being a full English, but one or the other is quite sufficient.

The pictured breakfast falls short of the Platonic ideal of the full English, not because it lacks potato or tomato, but because it lacks mushrooms and black pudding.
Yes, I think you may be right about the potato element not traditionally being canonical. I just usually expect some! I'm pretty sure the black pudding is not canonical either, though. Mushrooms I really like, but am happy to forego in the FE because they are usually so badly done.