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hoshuteki in londonbreakfast

Little Portland Cafe, Fitzrovia, W1

So yes, back to those breakfasts. I'm getting to the last few Fitzrovian hangouts, and this is definitely ranking up there with the better ones. First off, you've got the cafe itself, unprepossessing and tucked away in a little side street off Regent Street. It's a little bigger than most, with seating for about 30 or so, I'd imagine. It also has several bustling and busy wait staff greeting customers, showing them to tables, getting menus, delivering food, all rushing about hither and yon, also quite surprising in this type of place. Rare is the greasy spoon I've been to that's even had one waitress, let alone an army of them as this place does.

Little Portland Cafe, Fitzrovia, London

The food and drinks come quickly then, as you'd expect, but the good thing is that the quality is right up there with the best of greasy spoon fare. Toast is buttered and white as per your standard full English. Baked beans are a tightly contained slick at the edge of the plate, crowded out by other ingredients. As this is the "big breakfast" (£5.50 including tea/coffee) there are two eggs and two rashers of bacon. Fried eggs are cooked perfectly to form, like a Platonic ideal of fried eggs. A crispy hash brown and those mushrooms are also a 'big' breakfast extra, and I for one am glad for them. The mushrooms are top quality, cooked just right, just how they should be. And the sausage is excellent and tasty, so I leave it for last.

In short, I can heartily recommend this place for your dietarily-unwise breakfast food needs. They do have a vegetarian breakfast listed for around £3.50 (not include gratis tea/coffee, I don't think), but today I was feeling like a sausage.

Address: Little Portland Cafe, 15 Little Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8BW.
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I am made happy just by looking at those mushrooms.
It is becoming my experience that the best guide to the quality of a greasy spoon fryup is to check out the mushrooms first of all.