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hoshuteki in londonbreakfast

Attendant, Fitzrovia, W1

I can't pretend that I get in at the ground floor -- or indeed the loos, in this case -- of many London cafe or restaurant openings; mostly they just blythely pass me by, and I care little. (Okay, I care a bit, but I cannot afford to care too deeply in the more glamorous end of the spectrum, such as Balthazar in Covent Garden, which serves breakfast and looks intriguing, but alas I do not have an expense account.)

However, I heard about Attendant, a new cafe and coffee shop in a converted Victorian public convenience, from a friend a couple of days ago, for indeed it opened a couple of days ago. It's located a block away from my office and it opens for breakfast, which makes it doubly of interest to me and my ongoing Fitzrovian breakfast project. I don't usually post photos of anything aside from the food I ate, but the job they've done in repurposing this bog is pretty cool:

Attendant, Fitzrovia, W1

It now resounds with the sounds of a coffee machine, and (thankfully) the smells of freshly made food, which at this stage mostly extends to cakes and biscuits it looks like, though the owner was hanging about and keen to let me know that they're adding new stuff every day. As far as I could tell, the breakfast-themed offering when I was there was a basket of sandwiches, a variation on the BLT, in this case adding avocado and a fried egg.

Attendant, Fitzrovia, London

So yes, there you go. It had been freshly made, but they heated it up a little bit more before serving it to me in its own little basket. Good quality sourdough bread, and fresh ingredients, it was all very tasty and went down almost too easily (given it skewed towards the pricier end of the sandwich scale, being £6). I should also make note of the cappuccino I ordered, which was excellent (but was an added cost on top of the sandwich).

So yes, this is clearly a different league of breakfast joint from the greasy spoons I usually essay on this blog, definitely more akin to Kaffeine (another local barista-focused cafe, which shamefully I haven't yet featured here) or Tapped and Packed (which I have reviewed). But it has enough going for it that it should do well, so if it's the kind of thing you're looking for, I can recommend it.

Address: Attendant, downstairs, 27a Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 6DY.
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