Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in londonbreakfast,

Crossways Cafe, Nunhead

Right, I'll kick this off with a review or two I just posted in my own journal. Add your own!

Crossways is my local caff, on Evelina Road. It's a traditional greasy spoon, plastic fixed chairs, regular customers, exceedingly friendly staff. They'll bring you buttered, untoasted white bread as well, but the rest of the ingredients are of a good standard for this level of caff. Mushrooms are succulent and not deep-fried to death as elsewhere; hash browns, beans and fried egg are all par for the course; and there is a good sausage provided as well (a vegetarian one, since that's what I was ordering). Comes with (instant) coffee, or tea.

Address: 93 Evelina Road (on the corner of Kimberley Avenue), SE15 3HL.
Tags: nunhead, se15, vegetarian breakfast
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