Cassandra Gemini (mrs_leroy_brown) wrote in londonbreakfast,
Cassandra Gemini

Lou Farrow's Pie & Mash, 279 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3TP

The Bermondsey Cafe was closed on BH Monday, so off to the back-up of Lou Farrow's Pie & Mash shop - this is weird little place - to the left it's a greasy spoon cafe, to the right it's pie, eels & mash. I have yet to experience pie here though. I don't think there is a veggie option.

For £3.40 I got chips, beans on toast, tomatoes and a coffee. I was rather disappointed to be honest. The chips were a bit soggy and the beans were tasty but there was like four of them (okay exaggerated for comic effect, but really a quite small portion). Toast was fine, quite a bit of it, and you can choose fresh or tinned tomatoes which is a bonus. Okay if you required a bit of brekkie but if in SE16 stick to the Bermondsey cafe when possible.

I give it 5/10.
Tags: bermondsey, se16, vegetarian breakfast
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