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Blue Mountain Cafe, East Dulwich SE22

Blue Mountain Cafe, East Dulwich

It's with a light heart that I return to the task of reviewing breakfasts. In fact, when I got to this cafe, I was sorely tempted by their lunch menu which had some fantastic sounding stuff on it. But they also had a "Veg Monty" at £6.95, which is fairly steep for a breakfast, but not so much for this part of town where you can spend far more on your meal. And breakfast is an important meal.

First of all, it comes with coffee, tea or cappuccino, so I chose the last option for a change and cannot complain about its quality. A very nice cappuccino. I also went for a fresh-squeezed orange juice, which was fine, not the best I've ever had.

The breakfast itself avoids the high grease option. Blue Mountain is a classy place, which retains a certain ersatz funkiness (loudly playing a Basement Jaxx best of, colourful decor, and fashionably dressed staff) even despite the high preponderance of children to be found anywhere around SE22. The staff though seemed to have natural skills with the kids running to and fro, and certainly it seemed there were many familiar locals eating here.

As to the food, the eggs were scrambled, and there were a lot of them, but they were tasty. The beans were solidly good, and the tomato grilled and edible. The mushrooms were a bit springy but certainly far from inedible. What set it apart was the excellent vegetarian sausage, one of the soy-based substitute variety, but a very pleasing taste. Definitely one of the best veg sausages I've had.

If you have a tolerance for families, and for busy noisy crowded cafe environments, Blue Mountain is definitely worthwhile.

Address: 18 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9EU.
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