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Alpino, Islington, N1

Alpino, Islington, N1

What this photo doesn't show is how tasty it is to eat a good greasy spoon fry-up. Obviously this is the vegetarian option so it's not that greasy -- and there's bubble hidden under the egg, rather than hash browns or chips. I could have had a hash brown; maybe in retrospect I would've quite liked one. But as it is, very satisfying.

The egg is fried and runny at just the right consistency. The beans aren't He1nz but they're good. Mushrooms are fried well but not too much, and there's a plate of bread on the side (toasted, though they made a point of asking).

The veggie set breakfast comes to a grand total of £3.90 including a fine coffee -- it's a bit more for the meat options obviously, but still great value. The chef is friendly and outgoing, the service is good. It's an old-fashioned place, like much of Chapel Market. Here's what the place looks like inside:

The Interior of Alpino

Address: Alpino, 97 Chapel Market, N1 9EY.
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