Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in londonbreakfast,

SW9 Bar, Brixton

My first impression is that it's overpriced at £7.95, and when the food arrives, the quantity (although not meagre, it's hardly a vast feast) suggests this may be the case. Also, the eggs are scrambled, despite being advertised as a vegetarian English breakfast. To both myself and my eating companions, a fried egg would be expected. However, at least wholemeal bread is used, and there is a fine vegetarian sausage (very long and thin and made to approximate a real sausage in texture), beans and a well-presented slab of bubble & squeak. The mushrooms are tender and well-cooked, perfectly good quality. Coffee is charged separately, but you can get a good espresso. A fresh-squeezed orange juice is also available which has the virtue (although again expensive) of actually tasting freshly squeezed.

Address: 11 Dorrell Place (off Brixton Road by the Marks & Spencer), SW9 8EG.
Tags: brixton, sw9, vegetarian breakfast
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