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Breakfasts in London, UK
We here at londonbreakfast like breakfast, and we like going out to eat breakfast, but know there are so many options out there that some guidance would be useful.

We are therefore dedicated to helping each other make a choice for the most important meal of the day. Generally, our tastes tend towards the greasy spoons, but other breakfast eating options are also welcome. Any eating establishment in any part of London which serves breakfast, in fact. And please do not be put off just because your maintainers are filthy vegetarian/vegan types.

If you do post about somewhere you've eaten breakfast in London, please try to give as much information about its whereabouts (adding tags for the area, or putting the postcode into the 'Location' would help!), as I will be adding it to the map.

Helpful Links and Resources:

- Russell Davies' Eggbaconchipsandbeans (thanks to beingjdc for pointing this one out).
- The London Review of Breakfasts. I wish I could put together as pretty a site as the LRB instead of this poxy LJ thing I currently make do with.
- The Idiotica Guide to English Breakfasts (thanks missfrost).
- Fans of high-calorie breakfasts may also be interested in londoncurry which always welcomes any of your curryhouse experiences.